Meet Amit Jadaun – The Founder & Director of “Propertify.Me” and “Specialist Buyers Agent”. Amit has made it a mission for himself to help at least 100 buyers achieve their dreams this year and every year. Having seen and felt the buyers’ pain, struggles and sufferings, Amit founded “Specialist Buyers Agent” with the sole aim to work for buyers and in their best interest.

Amit often calls himself a Serial Entrepreneur and it is well deserved as well, given the fact that over the past 15 years of his professional life, he has successfully established, grown and managed businesses in most major sectors of the business world.

When Amit entered the Real Estate world, he couldn’t help but see and feel the pain that buyers go through on an ongoing basis when buying a property or business. There is literally no one available to help the buyers who is genuinely working in the buyers’ best interest. Real estate agents are employed by the vendor, they are not working for the buyer who literally need most help and assistance.

The vendors have a professional negotiator on their side and so must the buyers!

He strongly believes that the Real Estate industry needs a correction of mindset and it must be the other way around from what it is now. In every marketplace scenario, the sellers compete for the buyers and the competition benefits the buyers but in Real Estate they have got it so wrong that the vendors are making compete the buyers for their property and most of the buyers end up paying more than what a property is worth.

Amit also says that – “A Buyers Agent is the Guardian Angel for the property buyers”.

His realisation of buyers’ challenges and their genuine need of professional help gave birth to “Specialist Buyers Agent”, a company which is dedicated to help and work for the buyers only. With the help of a Buyers’ Agent, the buyers can always be certain that they will secure what they need in the least possible time and at the best possible price.

Amit holds a Masters in Business and several formal qualifications in Finance, Accounting, Real Estate and areas of Australian Law. With a consistent record of achieving goals set in line with his vision, Amit is certainly set to achieve, and even surpass his yearly goal of helping at least 100 buyers in achieving their dreams and goals.