First Home Buyers

We believe that the First Home Buyers are the ones in most need of help when it comes to buying their first home. It is very east to get overwhelmed, mislead or carried away for someone who is not familiar with the industry jargon, traps and sales tactics of developers & agents who are out there to achieve the best results for the sellers, not the buyers. Most first home buyers, who buy unassisted, are always doubtful till the last minute if they are buying what they really wanted if they are paying the best price possible.


Families (Upsize/Downsize)

As times change, our requirements change too and most families, at some stage, find themselves in a situation where they have to either upsize or downsize their family home. Specialist Buyers Agent understand your needs and we carefully plan out the strategy keeping in mind your situation. No matter how experienced you may be, the people you are dealing with are working for the sellers, not for you. You too need a professional negotiator on your side because the sellers do have one.


Property Investors

Buying an investment property is a matter of a carefully crafted strategy based on research and evidence. While saving time and money is important, it is also equally important to find the right fit for your investment goals and portfolio. Our experience, network and industry knowledge puts us in a prime position to assist you with finding suitable property at best price and in minimal time. Searching, (including off-market properties) researching and negotiating to secure the best price is what we do best.


Interstate & Overseas Buyers

Specialist Buyers Agent can help you if are moving from interstate or overseas. We will help you find what you want by working for you on the ground as your eyes and ears for your property purchase. We work for you and your best interest to make sure you buy what you want at the best possible price and in minimal time. Specialist Buyers Agent have the local knowledge, expertise and negotiation skills to help you make sure that you have a place to call home as soon as you arrive