When we have our initial meeting and presentation with you, we take time to understand each other, your requirements and determine if we are a good fit to work together towards achieving your goals.  From here, we proceed to taking a full brief and instructions from you to outline what is your ideal property, budget, likes and dislikes, must haves and everything else that is important for you to make a decision.



Search & Research

Here we prepare for all the groundwork by researching and searching the target areas and market.

We conduct a thorough analysis recent data data and statistics comparable to the type of property you are looking for. This help us determine what is the right price to pay for your type of property in the present market conditions. We also analyse property movement statistics in the area to determine how much time the properties are being advertised before they are either sold or taken off the market.

Our key process is to evaluate the properties with realistic price and not what is being advertised or quoted by the agent. We use extensive data and market research tools to determine what a certain property should sell for. Once this research is complete, we start on to searching for your ideal property.

We tap in to on-market, off-market, pre-market and post-market properties through our extensive network and channel.


These are simply the properties that are openly being advertised and visible to general public through on various advertising channels.

The sheer volume of these advertised properties and inconsistencies in advertisements makes it confusing, frustrating and time consuming for most buyers. In most cases the buyers become so overwhelmed that they keep delaying decision making and eventually give up.

Specialist Buyers Agent does all the legwork for you by creating a shortlist of properties that actually meet your criteria and accurately fits your requirements. With us you don’t have to waste your valuable time chasing agents and sifting through mountains if information to figure our what fits your liking and whats doesn’t.


You will be surprised to learn that in some areas as many as 40 percent properties could be available for sale without ever being advertised.

These properties are known as off-market properties and most are not available to general public through commonly channels. There can be several reasons why a property is selling in an off-market fashion and these may include –

Vendor preference

Some property owner don’t want the world to know that they are selling. This could be due to family, neighbours, or simply because they like to be very private. They probably don’t want everyone looking through their family home and can be very selective in who they will let be a buyer for their property.

Pre-market sale

Some Agents invite a selected number of industry professional like us to present the opportunity before it goes to the market for the general public to access. It is just an exclusive way of selling properties which some agents may choose to do due to various reasons.

Strong confidence

The selling agents sometimes believe that due to strong market and demand there may not be a need to run a full campaign and a quick sale can be achieved by approaching qualified buyers which they can have access to through industry professionals like us.




Once we have completed our search and research, we will present you with a shortlist of chosen properties that are great value and fit best in to your criteria according to you initial brief

We will also present to you the stats and reports to back our findings and recommendations with reasoning on why you should consider the recommended options. At the same time we will also advise you on what important considerations you shall make before committing to a purchase from perspectives of important inspections, development authorities and local bodies including applicable zoning and restrictions etc.

Our evaluation is comprehensive and detailed with lots of facts and figures. The most value added advantage is what we learn from the selling agents about a property including circumstances of the sale, buyers feedback and level of interest and the agent’s perspective. This help us plan our negotiations and strategies moving forward.

Because we deal with the selling agents on a daily basis, we have some great relationships and rapport with them which often means we will always have some special insight and knowledge on to a property that others may not. We are confident that we can be your partner in helping you to make the most informed decision.




Once you have made the decision which property to buy from the recommended ones, we move on to the effective negotiation stage. If the property is for sale by auction than we will work towards getting it before it goes to auction by pursuing the agent and vendor to consider a pre-auction offer at terms favourable to us at a price we know is right. We use our research tools, reports and data gathered during the research stage to put perspective to our negotiations with the agent and the vendor. With out daily experience in the market dealing with selling agents, we have acquired understanding of their strategies that we can effectively counter and deal with them to work out a deal in the best interest of the buyers. We do not hesitate to often pursue them for information which not only help us protect buyers’ interest but also let us negotiate the best price.


If the property must go to an auction and that is the only way to bid, then we have a pre-determined price that we will be prepared to pay as per your instructions, not a single cent more under any condition or pressure. Most buyers end up making costly mistakes at auctions only because of the inexperience and under pressure of mixed emotions of fear of overpaying, missing out, or not knowing how to respond to the pressure and competition tactics by agents and other buyers. As we are handling the auction for you, there are no chances or dangers of emotional decision making and ending up paying a higher price, a mistake that most buyers make at auctions only to realise when it is too late.

We turn up at the auction fully prepared with all the knowledge that we need to tackle the auctioneer’s strategies. We are fully aware of the rules of public auctions and the governing laws. We have our own tactics and strategies to match the strategies of the selling agent/auctioneer.

Successful acquisition demands direct and regular communication. And it begins the moment we first contact the selling agent.

Whether we’re buying your property off market, expression of interest, private sale or at auction we apply the same due diligence, persistence and focus to ensure we get the outcome you want.




Once we are successful in the negotiations and have an offer accepted on our terms, or have won an auction, we move on to the acquisition stage. This involves several steps of due diligence, recommended inspections. lionising with the vendor/selling agent, banks, solicitors and the list goes on. On each stage we are with you and will continue to work on your behalf as per your instructions and brief, to handle every aspect of your property purchase until the completion and settlement of your valuable purchase.